Monthly Archives: February 2014

Unable to upgrade – read on …

A kindly user alerted me to purchase difficulties with the latest update and on looking at the data I was able to confirm that I’d broken the receipt validation process when the app transitioned from my company account to my personal one 🙁

The update containing the fix is now with Apple for review and should hopefully be in store in a few days, or less if we’re lucky!

[UPDATE] 1.6 is now available for download and a user has kindly confirmed that this fixes their issue.

Latest update features Solar Images

The latest update to Aurora, version 1.5, is now live. This iOS 7 refresh of the app also sees the addition of a new feature for viewing the sun as it is now – or indeed in the past. View the sun in dozens of different wavelengths and travel backwards or forwards in time by clicking to the left or the right of the solar disc.



Information on the solar observatories responsible for each image is available and better yet, if you access the new Images link from the solar activity page, you can view the sun as it was any time in the past for which you have data. This lets you scroll back to an x-ray flare for example and then view the sun as it was at the time.