Latest 1.7 upgrade fixes solar images

One of the pitfalls of writing software when based in the UK is that it’s sadly oh so easy to make a coding error with timezone handling because for half the year, the UK is of course using GMT and so my whole environment is using the same time zone as is common for external data sources to use.

This complacency led to the most recent bug with solar images where they would only load if your device was set to GMT – so handy for our Scottish cousins where Aurora are often visible, but not so great for our friends in Canada, Norway, or basically anywhere off the prime meridian. Mea Culpa! Better unit testing required in this case I think!

I only found the bug myself when travelling in the US recently, and luckily as I had a laptop with me, I was able to peek in the logs and see what was actually going on.

The fix is now live in store with the 1.7 update.


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